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The Value of In-Person Personal Training


In the ever-evolving landscape of the fitness industry, the rise of online services and digital products has been nothing short of revolutionary. As a personal trainer at TG Fitness, I’ve been witness to this transformation, but it has also compelled me to reflect on the diverse needs of our community, particularly those with chronic health conditions and disabilities.

Unveiling a Surprising Statistic

In our quest to understand the unique preferences of our clients, we stumbled upon a surprising statistic – 70.4% of people reaching out to us express a strong desire for in-person training. In a time when the fitness industry is heavily pivoting towards virtual solutions, this revelation prompted me to delve deeper into the importance of inclusivity, especially for those with disabilities.

The Temptation of Virtual Fitness

Online offerings undoubtedly bring convenience and accessibility to many, making workouts accessible from the comfort of one’s home. Yet, in the midst of this digital revolution, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the diverse needs of the population, particularly those with disabilities. Their preferences and requirements might extend beyond the virtual realm.

The Value of In-Person Training

While virtual workouts have their merits, there’s a unique magic in in-person training that goes beyond the screen. It’s about more than just physical exercises; it’s about creating a personalised experience that fosters a deep sense of connection, motivation, and tailored support.

Think about the camaraderie forged in a shared physical space, the immediate feedback from a watchful eye, and the emotional encouragement that transcends pixels and screens. In-person training becomes a space where abilities are celebrated, and progress is measured not just in reps but in the confidence gained and the personal victories achieved.

Introducing TherapiLink: A Commitment to Inclusivity

In response to this revelation, I’ve taken a step further to bridge the gap between fitness enthusiasts with disabilities and their goals. Enter TherapiLink – a platform that connects people with local trainers committed to providing inclusive, personalised fitness experiences. It’s not just a training session; it’s a partnership on the journey to a healthier, happier life.

Empowering Everyone

Inclusivity in fitness isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to empowering everyone, regardless of their abilities. Everyone deserves access to fitness options that align with their preferences and abilities. Through initiatives like TherapiLink, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels not only included, but empowered to embark on their fitness journey with confidence.

As we navigate the changing landscape of the fitness industry, let’s not forget the significance of inclusivity. Together, let’s ensure that our services extend beyond the virtual realm, embracing the diversity of our community and fostering a fitness culture where everyone can thrive.

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