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  • Amy Thompson
    28/12/2023 at 10:29 am

    I highly recommend Emma as a personal trainer. Her excellence and tailored approach has helped and is continuing to help me regain mobility, her knowledge of how to train different muscle groups is spot on. Training at home removed barriers I faced as a less mobile person. Emma’s understanding of my needs led to a curated plan, and her support and motivation have propelled me to achieve more than I thought possible in the past 7 months—gaining strength, energy, and losing weight at a healthy maintainable rate. Training with Emma is the best decision one can make.

    I’ve Been Working With A Physio Therapists Who’ve All Sung Emma’s Praises As A Top Class Personal Trainer, so much so that they’ve Discharged me as Emma’s sessions are doing more for me than they can offer/do. She has amazed them with what I am now capable of, I’m excited for my future and what can now be in store, so huge thanks to Emma!..x

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