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Empower Disabled People- Find Work Balance

I love working in the fitness industry, but finding the right balance was a game-changer.

Passion for transforming lives is a driving force in the fitness industry, but for me, the challenge was always finding that sweet spot between professional fulfilment and personal wellbeing. The traditional early morning and late-night workout sessions were impactful, but I yearned for more time with my family without compromising on empowering others to surpass their perceived limits. That’s when I decided to specialise in working with people with chronic health conditions and disabilities.

Understanding the Demand

Digging into the data from enquiries to TG Fitness, a significant trend emerged – 80.7% of people prefer adaptive workout sessions between 8am and 4pm. This revelation not only resonated with my personal desire for a balanced schedule but also mirrored a growing demand for accessible fitness solutions during standard working hours.

Crafting My Own Hours

Choosing to work the hours I want has been a game-changer. It not only benefits my wellbeing but also aligns seamlessly with the preferences of those I work with. The joy of witnessing the positive impact of fitness while maintaining a balanced life is the highlight of my professional journey.

Full Calendar, Fulfilling Mission

Currently, my calendar is brimming with close to 50 sessions a week, some spanning 14 years with dedicated clients. Ensuring that everyone receives the support they deserve has become a top priority. To accommodate additional enquiries, I’m referring them to the skilled trainers on TherapiLink, a platform that bridges the gap between seekers and qualified fitness professionals.

Empowering Others to Find Balance

If you’re a fitness professional seeking the same work-life balance and off-the-scale job satisfaction, consider listing your services on TherapiLink today. Let’s collectively contribute to making fitness flexible and accessible for everyone!

Here’s to achieving balance and making a positive impact in the fitness world!

Find A Personal Trainer For People With Chronic Health Conditions or Disabilities

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